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Ques 1. How many types of spaces  you have and what are their rent?

1. Private Lockable Cabin 

                  a) Gold (Basement )                                                                INR. 5500 per month per seat

                  b) Diamond (Ground Floor& above)                                  INR. 6500 per month per seat

                  c) Platinum (with extra space/ storage)                          INR. 7500 per month per seat

2. Open Dedicated Seat 

                   a) Gold (Basement)                                                                INR. 5000 per month

                   b) Diamond (Ground Floor & above)                                INR. 6000 per month

                   c) Platinum (with extra space/ storage)                         INR. 7000 per month

3. Open Flexi Seats 

                    a) Gold (Basement)                                                                INR. 4500 per month

                    b) Diamond (Ground Floor & above)                               INR. 5000 per month

4. Coworking Seats 

                    a) Diamond (with storage)                                                  INR. 7500 per month

                    b) Platinum (with extra space/ storage)                         INR. 8000 per month 

Ques 2. Would I have to pay anything over above rent?

No, except rent you have to pay only for the paid amenities availed. 

Ques 3. What are the amenties provided by the centre?

a)  Paid Basis

  • Conference Room (Diamond)  (25 Seater)                                              INR. 1000 per hour

  • Conference Room (Gold)              (9 Seater)                                               INR. 500 per hour

  • Meeting Room-1                                  ( 6 Seater)                                             INR. 500 per hour

  • Meeting Room-2                                 ( 6 Seater)                                              INR. 500 per hour

  • Executive Room-1                               ( 3 Seater)                                             INR. 500 per hour

  • Executive Room-2                              ( 3 Seater)                                              INR. 500 per hour

  • Locker                                                                                                                     INR. 500 per month

  • Almirah                                                                                                                  INR. 1000 per month

  • Storage                                                                                                                  INR. 2000 per month

  • Photocopier (B/W)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Canteen                                                                                                                  As per rates specified

  • Event (Rooftop Garden)                                                                                                      INR. 1000 per month

**Above prices are inclusive of GST

Note:   Conference Room (Gold) /Meeting/Executive Rooms are free up to 2 hours per seat per month..

b) Complimentary Basis

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Soup/ any other Beverages

  • WiFi

  • Electricity

  • Open Parking (At Owner's Risk)-  However Paid parking of Noida Authority is also available nearby

  • Events

  • Entry to Rooftop Garden

  • Centralized AC

  • UPS

  • Entry to Cafeteria Garden

  • Entry to Smoke Zone

  • Conference Room (Gold) /Meeting/Executive Rooms are free up to 2 hours per seat per month.

  • 1000 Free Professional Credits per seat equal to Rs. 1000 to be used against professional fee payment.

**Above prices are exclusive of GST

Free up to 100 copies per month, after that INR. 1 per copy

Ques 4. What are the Rates for Lockers?

Following are the rates for the allotment of Lockers:-

  • Locker                            Rs. 500 per month

  • Almirah                         Rs. 1000 per month

  • Storage                        Rs.  2000 per month

**Above prices are exclusive of GST.

Ques 5.  Are your Prices Inclusive of Taxes?

No, All prices mentioned on the website and or quoted by our sales team, or any team member needs government taxes and levies to be paid separately. Currently in India, the Government Levy is Goods & Service Tax (GST) charged at 18%

Ques 6. What method of payment do you accept?

​We accept following modes of payment:​

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Payment Gateway


  • Cheque

  • Cash- not preferred but accepted

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