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Ques 1. Do you have Wi-Fi Based System or LAN Based System?

Platinum Green Coworks provide both facility. Every seat is connected with LAN as well as WiFi

Ques .2 What is the speed of internet? What type of Internet- Leased Line / Broad band? Is there any standby mode for Wifi/ UPS?

Platinum Green Coworks provide  high speed internet through Leased line & Broadband connection with an average speed upto 10 mbps by reputed  Service providers without any interruption.

Ques 4.  Is IT support included?

Yes, our Technician will be available all the 7 days to intact the connectivity of LAN/WAN in your system. For any complicated issue we will call our Technical team to resolve the query as soon as possible .

Ques 3. Is it possible to get a separate Internet Line for my team?

Yes, if there are optimum people in your team, you can get a separate Internet Line if you have such a requirement. However, the cost shall be borne by you additionally.

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