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Ques 2. What are the rates of it?

Rates are as per the Menu Chart

Ques 3. Can Coffee be taken at the workstations? If Yes, are there any extra charges?

No, eatables or beverages are not allowed at the workstations.

Ques 4. Do you provide Tea Coffee/ snacks in the Coworking Center?

Yes we provide anytime free Tea /Coffee & soup to the members. We also have Dalchini Vending Machine installed in the centre to provide anytime  ready to eat snacks to members on chargeable basis.Besides this a Tuck shop is also installed with their separate menu for all the beverages, snacks & food on chargeable basis.

Ques 1. Do you have a cafetaria/ restaurant?

Yes, we have tied up with Mini Bites who have their Tuck shop installed in the Coworking Space. We ensure the healthy, Tasty and Fresh food provided to members.

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