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Ques.4 What is the cancellation Policy?

• If your meeting gets cancelled, don’t forget to cancel your Meeting Room/ Conference Room reservation immediately. The refund policy shall be :

a) If Cancelled 3 or more days in advance:- 100% refund
b) If Cancelled 1 or 2 days in advance:- 80% refund
c) If Cancelled 12 hours before your pre-booked time slot:- 50% refund
d) If Cancelled 6 hours before your pre-booked time slot but after 12 hours- 25% Refund
e) Else- No refund


Ques.3 What happens if I exceed the quota of meeting room?

• Members need to exit meeting room/ conference room within 5 minutes after the prebooked time slot. In case of excess utilization of the Meeting Room/ Conference Room than the booked hours, penalty of :-

a) Rs. 100 per 10 minutes shall be charged for meeting room and Conference room (Gold) &
b)  Rs. 200 per 10 minutes shall be charged for Conference Room (Diamond).
The above penalties are without prejudice to right of the Coworking Centre Staff for vacating the space for other member who has prebooked the Meeting Room/ Conference Room.

Ques.2 What all your conference room is equipped with?

Our conference room specifically designed to house 10-12 people comfortably having Smart Television which you can use  for your presentations.

Ques.1 Is there any advance booking of meeting room required?

We request that you make an advance booking using our Booking manager before you use the Room as at the last moment the rooms may not be available.

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