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Ques 1. Do you offer a trial period?

New Members can visit and experience in Platinum Green Coworks through Day pass only.

Ques 2. What is the Contract Period? Is there any enhancement of charges after certain period?

Contract Period shall be in force unless or until terminated by either party giving the other party not less than one (1) months’ written notice at any time subject to other Terms & Conditions.
Membership Fees payable by the Member Entity to Platinum Green Coworks will have an automatic enhancement on prevailing Membership Fee @ 10 % after every 11 month. We reserve the right to further increase or decrease the Membership Fee at our sole discretion upon 30 days prior notice to you in writing..

Ques 3. If my team grows, would they be accommodated?

We will always appreciate if your team grows and it's our pleasure to provide further seats to your team subject to availability of the seat in the centre 

Ques 4. Is KYC for Day Pass Members required?

Yes, even for Day Pass Visitors KYC is required. 
Following documents will be required at the time of entry
Either of the following-
i. Aadhar Card
ii. Driving License
iii. Passport
iv. Voter ID Card

Ques 5.  Are per Day Seats Allowed?

For per day basis, members can use our seats by taking day pass whenever required, subject to the availability of seats.

Ques 6. What can I Leave at Co-working?

Flexi Seats :- If you have taken a locker/ storage/ almirah, you can leave any of your equipment and files in there subject to T& C of Locker Policy, else you need to bring back everything home with you at the end of your day.
Dedicated Seats :- You can install your Desktops on your dedicated seat and you can keep your belongings in the cabinet alloted to you with seat. 
For any of your further storage requirement you can buy a Locker, Almirah or storage on paid basis.

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