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Ques 1.  Who are the main users?

Our main users are the IT Professionals, startups, freelancers, students, Independent Professionals, etc.

Ques 2. If Some Co-Worker is a distraction then are there any policies to handle the notorious activity?

We have pre-defined set of Rules & Regulations and Do's & Don'ts which are well informed to members at the time of their entry. We ensure their fulfillment, and if any members goes against them strict measures will be taken against them.
Platinum Greens Coworks has the right to terminate the Membership Agreement if the Member Entity /Team Member is found to have contravened any of the terms of the Agreement, or  have acted in a manner, which is at the sole discretion of Platinum Greens Coworks .

Ques 3. What about privacy of the work?

a) We understand that different members have different working needs, hence most of our workstations have partitions on them to provide privacy to the members.  
b) We also provide Locker facility to the members to keep their belongings safe.

Ques 4. Will I get a peaceful environment on a workstation?

We provide Environment Friendly office spaces and put our utmost efforts to ensure that members get a peaceful environment wherein they can work with maximum productivity.
 We’ve got several rooms including meeting and conference room, cafeteria, lawns, rooftop garden, cafeteria Garden etc , that allow people to use them whenever required and make our work spaces quieter and more productive.

Ques 5. Is there any basis for selection on which you rent out workstations?

  1. Private seats-  At the time of entry, members can choose such seats as they find favourable subject to their availability. Private seats are wall facing seats which provide utmost privacy to the members. Seats will be alloted on First come first serve basis.

  2. Dedicated Seats- Dedicated seats are decentralized seats which are available in the open area. These seats will be fixed by the members at the time of the allotment of their seat.

  3. Coworking Seats- These are the premium seats provided by Platinum Green Coworks. These are the pack of 8 seats with open area & harnessing sunlight. These seats will come with extra storage

  4. Flexi Seats- Flexi seats are economical seats without storage. These seats will be alloted on the first come first serve basis only.

Ques 6. Is the space suitable for continuous outbound sales calls?

The space is not suitable for anything that is likely to disturb the other members in the community.

Ques 7. Are there any type of Businesses that are not good for coworking?

The type of business that have frequent traffic in & out of the space of clients/ customers are not allowed. Example:- Doctors, Retailers, etc.

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