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Ques 1. Are Outsiders Allowed?

We categorize the person visiting at Platinum Green Coworks in following ways:-


  • Guest : A person who needs to meet the Member for a continuous duration of more than 1 hour at the Platinum Green Coworks.

  • Visitor : A person who visits the Member for duration of 1 hour or less at the Platinum Green Coworks.


Members should book meeting room in advance for meeting with guest. Or they can also buy a Day Pass for his guest.
Similarly If the Visitor stays for more than 1 hour without sufficient space being booked by the Member, the Member shall have to purchase day pass for its Visitor.


Ques 2. Can I bring a friend in, to work with me?

If you want to bring a guest with you to work in our space, they will have to pay for the Day Pass.

Ques 3. Do I need to pre-inform about the arrival of my guest?

Members should pre-inform at the reception atleast an hour before the arrival of their guests/ visitors.
Guest/ Visitors need to check in through VMS or at the reception at the time of in and out

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