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Ques .1 How Members Enter and Exit in Coworks ?

Members need to mark their attendance in the Biometrics system to get entry in the building. If the Biometric System is not recognizing you, you need to coordinate at the reception.

Guest/ visitor visiting the building need to check in through VMS (Digicuro Guest App)

Ques 2.  Can I just take one membership for my employee and visit the space once in a while?

This is an individual membership. If you’re planning to stay for more than 1 hours on a given day, you need to book the meeting room and have meetings or you should buy a day-pass.

Ques 3.  Can I join in the  middle of the month? How does my invoicing work?

Our billing is done on a Month-to-Month basis.So if you join in the middle of the month , first month bill will be calculated for the number of days starting from the date of joining. Later on, it will be calculated on regular monthly basis.

Ques 4. What is Legal Documentation for Co-Working Space?

At the time of entry Members need to sign the Membership Agreement which contains all the Terms and conditions & Rules and Regulations which members need to follow for availment of the workspaces.

Following documents will be required at the time of entry:

1. Individual/ Proprietorship Firm

 a) Passport Size Photo 

 b) ID Proof- Either of the following-       

        i. PAN Card

        ii. TAN Card (if any)

        iii. GST Certificate (if any) 

 c) KYC Documents:- Either of the following-
        i. Aadhar Card
        ii. Driving License
        iii. Passport
        iv. Voter ID Card

2. Partnership Firm/ LLP

 a) Partnership Deed of the firm
 b) PAN Card of the firm
c) TAN Certificate (If any)
d) GST Certificate of the firm
e) KYC Documents & photo of the Authorized Signatory (Main Partner)
f) List of employees/partners for whom the seats are taken along with their photo and 
     KYC Documents:- Either of the following-
        i. Aadhar Card
        ii. Driving License
        iii. Passport
        iv. Voter ID Card

3. Company
 a) Board Resolution
b) MOA and Certificate of Incorporation of the company
c) PAN Card of the company
d) TAN Certificate of the Company 
e)  GST Certificate of the Company

 f) KYC Documents & photo of the Authorized Signatory 

 g) List of employees/directors for whom the seats are taken along with their photo and      

      KYC Documents:- Either of the following-       

          i. Aadhar Card       

         ii. Driving License

        iii. Passport

        iv. Voter ID Card

Ques 5. What's the termination Policy ?

One month written notice is required to be given before leaving the membership.

Ques 6. I'm not a business; can I rent a desk to use for independent learning?

Yes, even if you are not a business you can hire our Coworking /Private/Dedicated/ Flexi seats for Independent Learning. You can take it through our Day Pass or by signing Membership Agreement.

Ques 7. Do members get the right over the seat after making payment for the seat at Platinum Green Coworks?

No, Platinum Green Coworks do not provide any such right to the members. If we found any activity by the members which is not in the favour of other members or to the center, we can terminate the agreement with such member immediately at the sole discretion of the Platinum Green Coworks. And furthermore deny their access to the building.

Ques 8. What are the requisites from the company/ Partnership Firm/ LLP/ Proprietorship/ any other org in case of any change in the team members?

Platinum Green Coworks require the authorized Person of the concerned organization to give the updated list of members as soon as there is any change in the team.  The Authorized Person has to deposit the KYC Documents along with photo of the new  member. The team also have to sign the addendum to the membership agreement.

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