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Ques 1. If we want professional services , what services you provide?

We are a team of professionals who can provide all services like GST Registration, Company Incorporation & ROC  Compliances, Income Tax Returns and all such other services at reasonable rate to our Member.
Our Professional Services & Fees Chart is also available with the coordinator at front desk.
Furthermore, we also provide one time 1000 Free Professional Credit Points per seat equat to Rs. 1000 as Introductory offer that can be used for availing our professional services free of cost..

Ques .2  What are the Events organized?

Events organized will be informed time to time to the members.

Ques 3. What kind of events do you host for members?

We provide workshops on startup fundraising, taxation related, IT related, and such other events.Our events are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and deliver actionable ideas to grow your business.

Ques .4 Any Field services or Bank Facility?

No, we do not provide such services.

Ques 5. Is mail handling /  Courier service available?

Yes. Our members are entitled to use the services provided by us, including mailing and courier services.
Note – Courier charges are to be borne by the members themselves.

Ques 6. Do you provide Parking Facilities? Is there any charges for parking also?

Our building is located in front of a park which provide better space for open parking to the members which can be freely used by them on their own risk.
However, nearby parking is also provided by the Noida Authority on paid basis.

Ques .7 Can I use Company’s address as my official company address?

As a member, you can use our address as your corresponding address (Additional place of business). If you need the address to be your registered business address we do not provide Virtual Plan.

Ques .8 Can I bring my own Printer? How will I connect to it?

Yes, members who rent a dedicated desk/ private seat/ coworking seat can bring their own printers. If you choose to set up a wireless printer, we recommend that you set up a Static IP to ensure that other members don’t accidentally print to your printer. If you have any trouble with printer set-up, please submit a support ticket and IT will come to help you with installation.

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